Monday, September 23, 2013

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Opening Night Gala

The ISO's season has begun! This past Friday they had their Opening Gala concert, and it was a blast!

Of course, the place was decked out with cool decorations---pretty paper lanterns in this case:

So pretty!

So, the hall looked lovely, as did the patrons! It's always fun to see people dressed up and whatnot, especially when they go the extra mile. I saw tuxes, many gorgeous dress, and many sets of high heels (me included) and beautiful jewelry. Of course, the person with the most beautiful jewelry was me. Look at my bling! 

Seriously, not to be totally conceited or self absorbed, but I looked great! 


The decorations, the outfits, the delicious food at the pre-concert reception....all of it created such a sense of excitement, of anticipation. Just like sports fans flock to their opening games, we classical music patrons love knowing the beginning of the concert is upon us! 

The concert opened with the Star Spangled Banner, and then Hilary Hahn took to the stage to play some amazingly beautiful Bruch. She both looked and sounded marvelous. As she was playing, I had many a thought running through my mind, but what really seemed to sink in the most for me was the whole concept of what a concert it is, and how near miraculous it seems. It sounds terribly simplistic and DUH-like, and I've probably prattled on about it before, but a concert is about 80 or so musicians performing at their best, their individual parts to create a cohesive, complexly woven piece of music, led by a dude who waves a stick at them. It's simply AMAZING to me. Then, add to that a soloist who practices goodness knows how many hours each day, and travels from orchestra to orchestra to make beautiful music with that particular orchestra and share it with an audience. I mean, it's just.....WOW! I never seem to get over what a concert is comprised of. It always amazes me. 

So, I spent quite a bit of time drooling over the concert (not literally), and was on my feet afterwards like everyone else. Then the party began!  Time for Three played a bit, and everyone was crowded around for that, of course. I had to go up a level to get pics of them!

Everyone seemed to be nodding their heads, listening to Time for Three, getting in to the groove, and of course everyone clapped like wild for them. The evening was filled with people chatting and laughing, taking pictures, enjoying the delicious desserts that were everywhere, and the champagne too.  

It was a great way to kick off the season. Surrounded by visual beauty, and enveloped by aural beauty as well. I left satisfied, but also even more excited that the season has officially begun. I can't wait to get back in to those seats for more concerts. My ears and heart are looking forward to this season more than ever! 


Travelling Type said...

A fine essay, as always, Chantal. Been awaiting another. Any thoughts about the Minnesota SO's ordeal? Probably a sensitive subject for you to write about, but if you can do so without burning bridges please do. (And no need to publish this comment on your blog -- I just wanted to urge you to write more.)

Chantal said...

Thanks, Travelling Type! It's nice to hear from you again. No thoughts on least, no original thoughts. There are already amazing writers giving great coverage/opinions of it. I'm pretty sure anyone can guess my take. :-) I've been rather swamped with teaching and gigs, but hope to write more often. Cheers! :-)