Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hampson. Singing Mahler. Here in Indy. GO!!!!!

Today, while doing my usual Facebook check, I have seen quite a few musicians from the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra posting and commenting on how amazing Thomas Hampson is. It's not just the usual "we have a great soloist with us this week". It's far more than that. Not long after checking Facebook, I get a call, from a musician in the ISO, telling me how out of this world Hampson is. How musical, knowledgeable, amazing, etc etc he is. This guy called me, just to tell me how awesome he thinks Hampson is.

Do you get it? Do you get what the big deal it is, that he's here in Indy?

Thomas Hampson is one of the foremost interpreters of Mahler. No one will argue this, I assure you. He's a leading baritone, who has sung with the Metropolitan Opera, and has sung with literally every major orchestra on earth. No, I'm not exaggerating. Go check it out yourself. (and check him out talking about Das Knaben Wunderhorn here)

And now, here's here in Indianapolis, and going to perform for one night only. One night only! One the best baritones in the world is here, for one night only!

I said it in a previous blog, but I'll say it again: IF I COULD ONLY GO TO ONE ISO CONCERT THIS SEASON, THIS WOULD BE IT.  And I already said, but I'll say it again too: when I lived in Texas, and thought I'd be there for a while, I was going to take vacation days around this concert. I had planned on buying a plane ticket to Indy for the purpose of hearing Thomas Hampson sing Mahler. Not to visit family (although I would have), not to see friends, but to hear Thomas Hampson sing with the ISO.

Do you get what the big deal is? Please, if you get it, if you understand it, if you love Mahler, if you love classical music, if you love amazing musicians, if you love watching someone/ some people doing what they do exceptionally well, then go to this concert! Get your butt in a seat! What's stopping you?

One night only! Thomas Hampson, best baritone on the planet! Best interpreter of Mahler on earth! First ever performance with the ISO! He was born here in Indiana! ISO's first ever performance of Das Knaben Wunderhorn! 


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