Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ready for the Ax!

What I mean by my title, is, that I'm ready to hear Emanuel Ax, this weekend at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra! Check this killer program out:

William Brittelle Dunes  (the world premiere of this ISO-commissioned work)
Beethoven Piano Concerto no. 4 in G major
R. Strauss Tod und Verklarung
Tchaikovsky Francesca da Rimini

Often a lot of programs I've heard include one piece I REALLY love, and a few I think are just kinda nice. It's extra awesome then, when a whole program is totally up my alley, like this one is. I love the repertoire, I'm a fan of the conductor, Giancarlo Guerrero, and who DOESN'T like pianist Emanuel Ax? Seriously, he's one of the best pianists on earth.

And normally when it comes to new music, my attitude is one of quiet reservation. I'm all for new music, don't get me wrong. Yet I don't foam at the mouth thinking about it. However, after seeing the video about William Brittelle's piece Dunes, I'm definitely excited. (check out the video, it's both beautiful and interesting!) He comes across as incredibly thoughtful and intelligent. I'm a big fan of the desert as well, and I enjoy being in desert regions....there's a weird kind of desolation about them. I'm interested to hear how he puts them to music.

As for the other rep on the program---all top notch pieces, all works that I adore, all works that I'll most likely lose my stuff over. The Beethoven is my favourite of all his piano concertos, and the Strauss is my favourite piece of his. If that piece is played well, I'll most likely be tears. And Tchaikovksy? Everything he wrote is awesome! On a side note, he's one of my favourite composers to play. Simply marvelous stuff.

So, are you going? You should, in my humble opinion. It's a smashing program played by an amazing orchestra, with a tip top soloist, and a fantastic conductor to boot. What's not to love? Get your tickets, and keep and eye out for me, and say hi. I'll most likely be the chick in the first mezzanine who's either crying during the program, or hootin' and hollerin' when it comes time for the applause!

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